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The opportunity to help out is always a great privilege.   I’m very thankful to so many people who took time out from their careers to teach me or offer advice that has helped me along the way.  They didn’t have to do so, but they did.  The PR industry is extremely competitive at times but, at its best, there is a sense of community around the fact that we’re all working to improve the quality of the profession.

Looking for a way you can help?  How about paying it forward a bit by supporting Help A PR Pro Out (HAPPO) to assist some of our fellow PR pros connect with employers that could benefit from their skills.  The idea for HAPPO was created by Arik Hanson and Valerie Simon as a community-based initiative to help friends and colleagues who are struggling to find jobs in the current economic climate. 

On Friday, February 19, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. PR bloggers, agency leaders and PR professionals from across the country will donate their time and talents to help fellow PR pros connect with employers.  With the help of the global PR community, we believe we can make a significant difference for PR job seekers everywhere. Even if HAPPO doesn’t land candidates a job, we hope it will provide considerable momentum to their search and connect them with new and different opportunities and great people.

Leading up to Feb. 19, job seekers are encouraged to develop creative blog posts, pitching themselves to prospective employers and sharing via Twitter during the event on Feb. 19 using the hashtag #HAPPO.

This is one of those times you can make a real difference in someone’s career.  If you’re in a position to help, please do so.  If you’re looking for new opportunities in Minneapolis, please let me know.  Seeking a forum to highlight yourself? You’re welcome to use the virtual real estate right here at CommUnity Business.

Not in the Twin Cities?  That’s o.k. too as a laundry list of prominent PR bloggers and influencers have been engaged across the U.S.  Let me know and we’ll find a contact for you.

Let’s work together to improve the profession and see if we can change a few lives along the way.

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