A HAPPO Introduction to Amanda Oleson

Public Relations, Social Media

As part of the Help A PR Pro Out (HAPPO) effort to assist some of our fellow PR pros connect with employers that could benefit from their skills, I’m happy to turn over my blog to Amanda Oleson to tell you why you should consider her as a part of your team. 

Dear future boss,
Hello! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I heard that you are looking for a few sharp folks to contribute to your team’s success, and I’d be delighted to offer you my talents and expertise.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself. I graduated Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in Public Relations and in Spanish. I’ve spent the last few years in an agency setting, doing consumer marketing as a Media Relations Specialist, mostly in the Health, Wellness, and Alternative Medicine industries. I have experience in creating strategies and implementing PR and social media tactics in the health, retail, community outreach, non-profit, events, beauty and sports categories. I have secured media placements that have sold-out past client’s products for weeks at a time, successfully launched community youth programs, assisted in event PR from planning to media coverage, and assisted in re-invigorating corporate blogs and social media channels. I’d be tickled-pink to bring my enthusiasm and passion for all of it to your team.

My natural curiosity, background in traditional public relations and marketing and borderline obsession with all things social media allow me to bring fresh and unique insights to your team’s efforts to connect with and engage your key audiences and influencers. Growing up, I was always the kid that talked to strangers- telling them about my latest adventures with my Barbie doll or serenading them with a favorite Madonna track. Since then, I’ve learned that telling stories to random strangers isn’t the best idea. However, I’ve figured out that telling a specific story to a specific set of strangers IS a great idea if you’re looking to build trust in a brand, increase awareness and influence a certain outcome. I would be thrilled to help your team find the set of “strangers” that need to hear your stories the most- through the channels they want to hear them in. (Which is not likely to be a little girl tugging at your sleeve with a Barbie and an off-key Madonna song in most cases, for the record.)

I’m eager to tell you more of my adventures, how I can make them work for you, and maybe even serenade you with a Lady Gaga jam (for old times’ sake of course). Feel free to peruse facts about me on
LinkedIn, listen (and chime in!) to me babble on Twitter, or beg me for a story via e-mail (
amanda.oleson@gmail.com). It’d be my pleasure to entertain you for a while. I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

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