Working Without a Net

Public Relations

I was speaking with another PR professional not long ago and we chuckled at some of the “glamorous” tasks we do in the line of duty.  I told him that I could have so easily just gone to business school and been an accountant or some other job that is predictable and pays well.  But I didn’t. 

I chose to pursue a profession that, to do it well, often involves long hours and immense pressure to meet deadlines.  It’s one where success is fleeting and any missteps can follow you for a lifetime.  What is it about PR that draws us in? Perhaps we’re all just gluttons for punishment.

For me, I like the pressure and the fact that you often only get one shot at something.  When you’re on a call working explaining a story idea to a journalist, there’s no second chance.  You need to match a story with what they need.  If you don’t nail it, you’re done.  You’re working without a net.  If you fall you’re done.  But, if you succeed, you’ve made it across that high-wire and you know you’ve survived another day. I love the rush and I love the wins.

The real work should be done before you ever pick up that phone to pitch or send that message to your employees.  It should be done when you set a strategy and identify your goals.  That’s the work.  The fun is when you’re out there with no net.

Why did you get into PR?  What is it that keeps you excited and willing to work up on that high-wire?


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