Getting Back on the Court


For any sports fan, Hoosiers is a classic film highlighting the story of a small-town Indiana basketball team achieving more than they ever thought they could. I don’t really need to say anything more than Jimmy Chitwood to most basketball fans to get the vision of a pure shooter in their mind. But today, the reason I’m thinking of young Jimmy Chitwood is his line “I don’t know if it’ll make any change, but I figured it’s time for me to start playing ball” when he decides to play again.

In my world, it’s time for me to start playing ball…. well, writing… again. Having been on the agency side for the last decade, my writing became utilized for other sites and it’s time to get back to writing for myself on topics that matter in the communications world. For those who read my work before, welcome back. For new readers that find this page, I hope you share your views and thoughts to discuss as we all grow better through smart dialogue.

If you haven’t seen Hoosiers for some reason, go see it immediately. Then keep an eye out for new topics here in the coming days.

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