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It’s fun to win. There’s no arguing the fact really that being the best at something is cool. Certainly in the United States, winning is a big part of our overall culture.  It feels good to win and to know you achieved something special. 

However, I’ve been thinking a great deal about what does “winning” really mean in the PR/communications industry. Is it about being the best at some piece of the puzzle? Is it creating the next shiny new tool or platform?  Financial success?

I think it’s more. I think about many of the truly great PR practitioners I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, and what stands out in my mind is not a singular point but the fact that they are able to walk into any situation and quickly assess an issue and provide insight.  That level of skill and value isn’t built by being the best in one area of the industry but rather a dedication to being good in every aspect of the industry. Media relations- check.  Engaging writer- check. Business acumen- check. Strong leader- check.

When looking to build your own skill set, think about how you can really provide value to your clients or employer…and make yourself indispensible.  It’s a natural desire to be the best at something but if that focus is at the expense of depth overall it’s a trade that may hold you back from being truly great.

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