HAPPO to Introduce James Lockwood


There are sure a lot of talented folks here in the Twin Cities.  Another introduction on this #HAPPO (Help A PR Pro Out) Friday for you.  Meet James Lockwood, a senior communicator that has a diverse background that could be well suited to a corporate or agency environment. 

My name is James Lockwood, a communications professional with a Master’s degree in public affairs who is obsessed with cycling, loves cooking, and enjoys live music.

In between those activities, I find interest in all things social and political, from the sustainable foods movement to education reform and energy innovation to the latest episode of Mad Men. I have worked media relations for the Republican National Convention; created and executed the communications plan for the launch of a new pediatric clinic; written proposals for an architectural firm looking to build multimillion dollar facilities; and engaged residents and fans alike about city services through social media (yes, snow plowing can be fan friendly).

In a world where media is a loosely defined term, I bring my experience in print, broadcast, and speech writing to give the proper voice in each medium to reach targeted audiences. I want to bring this experience to an organization that aims to create community, build fans, and move the needle more in its direction. 

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