Network in a Variety of Networks

Public Relations

I was fortunate enough to catch part of the Under 30 Pro chat on Twitter a while back surrounding the perceived value of resume in today’s world.  There were a variety of views including many who felt they didn’t serve any real purpose anymore when all the information may be available online.  It’s true that with sites like LinkedIn, personal sites or blogs, and social networks there are many ways to get attention from great contacts.  But, what if they’re not there?

Before everyone starts to shout or hashtag #FAIL and holler that anyone in the communications field needs to be comfortable with the change, here’s my point.  Many of the smartest people I’ve met in our field aren’t Twitter junkies or Facebook fiends.  It’s not that they don’t see that social media is an outstanding way to reach select audiences but it’s that they’re amazing at what they do.  They’re guiding clients through a crisis or helping layout a management vision for the next five years.  They may be backed up for months with requests for their skills.

There’s a temptation to equate online presence and leadership but it’s important to recognize that there are many ways to learn and succeed.  Seek out people who have succeeded and done what you want to do.  Meet with people locally to begin that networking, keep your resumé in good shape, take part in the digital world but remain balanced in your efforts.  Much like any communications effort, it can’t be a single strategy or channel.

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