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Ok, maybe not the most original post ever but the end of ’09 does have me thinking. What is it that stirs that sense of hope in us each year that the coming year will be more promising than the last? We’ve all seen family, friends, maybe even ourselves and others in our community who are really struggling right now. Yet there is a sense of hope as we enter a new year. 

Who or what inspired you in 2009? And, what is it that you’re looking for in 2010 personally or professionally?

One thought on “Inspiration

  1. As if right on schedule, I received a holiday card from a friend that really highlighted the right attitude in terms of inspiration. They’ve gone through some job ups and downs along with some health challenges in the family but are so positive about 2010 because they note that time spent playing ball in the backyard with friends/family far outweigh going out and fancier dining. Each year when setting priorities, it’s important to be honest with yourself and find what will really make you happy rather than what you “should” do.

    Be honest with yourself when you set your goals for 2010 and you’re much more likely to reach them and enjoy the journey.

    Happy holidays all-

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